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Guys stop being jerks to me I can't take it I've never even done anything to you annoying users you just come up and insult me like wtf? Just stop!! I'm not mean!! The great and powerful Trixie is nice and if you see me acting mean to a user it's cuz they where rude first so shut your mouths users I've had enough!!! 

Ps I'm not speaking to all of you just users who have insulted me :(
  • Mood: Anger


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Trixie's Oƒƒicial Verified Page™ 
United States
I'm the ONLY, REAL VERIFIED Trixie in each website and in real life .

Proof that I am the real and verified Trixie

╔═╦═╦══╦╗Put This
║╔╣═╣██║║On Your Page
║║║═╣╔╗║╚╗IF You Are Not
╚╝╚═╩╝╚╩═╝role-playing and you're not a poser!

✬The Official Trixie™✬

`·.Trixie's Oƒƒicial DeviantART page ™

This is the Real/Original/Official/Actual profile of Trixie this will always be to Real/Original/Official/Actual profile of Trixie do not steal or pose as me I do not appreciate it at all. Official DeviantART page of Trixie™- // Official |✔| or | Poser |✖|Real ☑ Fake☐

Official/Original/Actual/REAL Trixie✔ ☑

(© ✔Verified Official Trixie)✔ Official DeviantART page of Trixie™- // Official |✔| or | Poser |✖|Real ☑ Fake☐

™Official page of (Trixie)©█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║█║▌║││█║...~Trixie



The Real OFFICIAL DeviantART Page of Trixie

is an official account by law.

Violators will be punished!!

©Mlp friendship is magic All Rights Reserved

████████████████████100% real and verified

I am the 100 % real Trixie

The following page you are about to read is DA™ protected as the Official page of Trixie-~theonlyrealtrixie. Do not steal or copy any of the things you have seen below, if done, this may result in a ban. Thank you. This page was also verified by other verifications™ as the official real Trixie. "Posing" will not be accepted here.~Thank you ◘DA™ Protected◘

Real and Official: Yes ☑ No ☐
Roleplaying: Yes ☐ No ☑
Real Trixie: Yes ☑ No ☐
Faking: Yes ☐ No ☑
Official Trixie: Yes ☑ No ☐
Poser: Yes ☐ No ☑
100% Real: Yes ☑ No ☐
Fake: Yes ☐ No ☑

◘This page is the OFFICIAL Trixie page on protected by DA™. Do NOT steal or "pose" as this account, if done, will result in ban. Thank you for understanding these terms~DA™. !Important: This was made by DA™ Do not steal or pose.~DA© theonlyrealtrixie.deviantart.c… protected by DA™</b>

Real ponies!!!!!! :p
Twilight sparkle :iconthe-real-twilight:=:icontwilight-sparkle2:
Fluttershy :iconasktherealfluttershy:=:iconfluttershy626:
Scootaloo :icontherealscootaloo:=:iconhayleerainbow:
Sweetie belle :iconponysweetiebelle:=:iconreal-sweetie-belle:
RainbowDash :iconjesica-pony:=:iconreal-rainbowdash:
Applejack :iconcowgirlapplejack:=:iconaj-elementofhonesty:
Pinkie pie :iconpartyponypinkiepie:=:iconthe-real-pinkie-pie:
Cadence :iconask-miamorecadence:=:iconprincesscadancepony:
Rarity :icontherealraritypony:=:iconrarityponydesigner:




Info about me on wiki :)
Trixie is a unicorn pony and traveling magician who is featured as the main antagonist of Boast Busters and Magic Duel, makes background appearances in Bridle Gossip, The Return of Harmony Part 1, and Micro-Series Issue #3, appears as a minor supporting character in Friendship is Magic Issue #8, and also appears as an antagonist in the chapter book Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell. She tends to speak in the third person and refers to herself as "The Great and Powerful Trixie" and "The Great and Apologetic Trixie" (at the end of Magic Duel). Trixie visits Ponyville with her one-mare show, in which she shows off, extremely exaggerates, and boasts about her abilities. The name Trixie is a diminutive form of Beatrix. She is called Trixie Lulamoon in some merchandise.

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Um...T-Trixie, I know we d-don't really talk, but um...

I-I just want to say, that um...

I'm sorry that so many ponies are being so ru-rude to you.
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Great the show boat ponys here
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